Sensitizing school children about protecting Rainforests and its Biodiversity

Sensitizing school children about protecting Rainforests and its Biodiversity

07 Apr

Sensitizing school children about protecting Rainforests and its Biodiversity

The students of the Weddagala Maha Vindhyalaya participated in an educational programme at the Cinnamon Rain Forest Restoration Site at Suduwelipotha on the 28th of March 2024. This was jointly organized by Ruk Rakaganno (The Tree Society of Sri Lanka) and the ECOSERV Research Laboratory of the University of Colombo. With financial assistance from John Keels Foundation. Academics, teaching assistants and some undergraduates headed by Prof. Mayuri Wijesinghe and assisted by Tharindu Ranasinghe of the Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences, University of Colombo, served as the resource persons.

After a short introduction the students were taken to the natural rainforest patch within the site to learn about the characteristics of the rainforest, soil fauna, microclimatic features and about the birds and butterflies. The students received hands-on-experience in handling instruments and sampling soil fauna. They also learnt to identify birds and butterflies using field guides. The students enthusiastically engaged in the field work and expressed a keen interest in filling out their activity books. The students were also required to submit a creative piece of work pertaining to the rainforest or the programme in the form of an art, poem, thoughts or an essay, and the three best entries would be awarded certificates. The day ended with students giving feedback on the day’s activities. A total of 48 students and 5 teachers from the school participated in the event which was very interactive, enjoyable and educational. The value of such programmes which serves to raise awareness among young children is further heightened by the fact that the school and the Rainforest Restoration Site are both located in the buffer zone of the Sinharaja Rainforest - a World Heritage Site.

Students analysing soil profile of the rainforest with the Hump nosed lizard in the foreground.

Ruk Rakaganno

By Ruk Rakaganno

Ruk Rakaganno is a volunteer based, non-governmental organization founded in 1975 implementing hands-on projects to conserve nature and advocate to protect and conserve the environment.