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Kinross Beach Cleanup Project

20 May

It is necessary to keep our beaches clean if we hope to keep our oceans clean. Beaches are home to various creatures. When the tides rise, it collects items on the beach and takes these out to the sea, It later goes to the oceans and gets eaten by the marine life. 100 million marine mammals each year are said to be suffering from plastics and rubbish sent by us to the ocean, The beaches bordering Colombo are getting dirtier and dirtier as people throw their plastic and broken glass bottles and candy wrappings on to the beach. Even personal domestic waste is sometimes found on the beach.

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The Flora of Lunuganga (Ruk Rakaganno, tree talk/2nd May 2021)

02 May

A Conversation on the 'Flora of Lunuganga' , with Architect Channa Daswatte and Mrs. Iranganie Serasinghe, the founder of Ruk Rakaganno

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Women's Environment Center

20 Apr

The Women's Environment Center was set up in 1992 in order to focus on women's environmental problems, particularly in the rural areas, and to involve women in the struggle for a better environment. These women have to find their own sources of water, firewood and food. The destruction of forests depletes the water and fuel sources, supplementary foods and local medicines which they collect from forest sources. This destruction of the environment affects them a great deal, as it is the woman's role to find these resources.

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